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Capital Letting & Estate Agents Ltd complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any information provided to us will be processed and handled in accordance with these regulations. We will process the personal information you provide to us, primarily to assist you in achieving the purpose for which you provided it to us. This includes renting, leasing, selling or buying a property and associated services.

We will not share any data with third parties without individual consent or for marketing purposes. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. This privacy Policy explains how we will use your personal information provided to us.


We will inform all new Tenants and Landlords how their information shall be given out. We will contact them by means provided to offer properties available to let or detail sof prospective tenants. We will share tenants information with referencing agencies. We will pass Tenants and Landlords information to Utilities Company to make sure utility charges are directed to them.

Where a tenant leaves without paying the rent, and without making any arrangement to pay, we may provide their details to a tracing agent or debt collection company to help to recover money owed to them. We will notify other tenants of any rent arrears owned by Joint tenants. We will inform the guarantor where the tenants failed to pay rent. When a tenant has vacated leaving behind an unpaid utility bill or an account in credit, in these circumstances we will pass forwarding address (where known) to the utility companies as the Act is not intended to be an obstacle to disclosure in these situations. New tenants will be informed and consent will be obtained where relevant on the outset of a new tenancy and existing tenants will be provided with a copy via email or post.


We will use the information prospective buyers have provided to us to make contact to offer properties and to arrange viewings. Information provided sellers will be used arrange viewings and to and negotiate offers. Provide sellers contact details to surveyor agencies and any other such company that will require to contact the seller in order to assist with the sale of the property. Provide seller and buyer details to Solicitors for conveyancing if a sale has been agreed.


We will use their contact details to arrange appointments for valuations, and viewings and keep personal data for the purpose of letting their property. We will also pass on their contact details to tenants who have committed to taking a tenancy on the landlord's property.

All communications by telephone are recorded for the purpose of monitoring, security, and improving our service. 


Capital Letting & Estate Agents Ltd we:
– Manage and process personal data accurately
– Protect the individual’s rights to privacy
– Provide an individual with access to all personal information held on them


Staff will be briefed on the company’s Data Protection Policy and any appropriate action can be taken against staff in contravention of the policy. Capital Letting & Estate Agents Ltd will hold Personal Data on Clients as and where appropriate.


This policy has been formulated within the context of and works in conjunction with our:
– Confidentiality Policy
– Training and Induction Policy
– Risk Assessment Policy
– Quality Assurance Policy


Staff Responsibilities:
All staff is responsible for ensuring that any personal data (on others) which they hold are kept securely and that they are not disclosed to any unauthorised third party. All personal data should be accessible only to those who need to use it.

Storage and Security of Data

All personal data is stored in:
– a lockable room with controlled access, or
– in a locked drawer or filing cabinet, or
– if computerised, password protected
– Backups to external hard drives are done daily and stored in fireproof cabinets, onsite and offsite.


Access to Data
Care will be taken to ensure that PCs and terminals are not visible except to authorised staff and that computer passwords are kept confidential. PC screens will not be left unattended without password-protected screen-savers and manual records will not be left where they can be accessed by unauthorised personnel.


Disposal of Data
Data will be held for up to one year after a failed tenancy application and up to 7 years after the expiry of the tenancy agreement if accepted. Care will be taken to ensure that appropriate security measures are in place for the deletion or disposal of personal data. Manual records will be shredded and hard drives of redundant PCs will be wiped clean.


Rights of Access
Clients and customers have a right to access on data held on them. This should be requested in writing and will be provided within 30 days of request.


Disclosure of Information for Legal or Statutory Reasons Capital accepts that they may need to provide data to assist in government department investigations e.g. Police, HMRC, and Local Authorities. We will always check that such requests are legitimate and have relevant Data Protection exemptions before sharing information.

Should you have any queries in respect of this Privacy Policy, use of your data, or make a complaint, we welcome the opportunity to resolve your concerns. Please contact us on 020 8558 3688 or email on

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