Holding deposit

Once you have viewed a property that you would like to consider for a tenancy, we will record the details of your offer and inform the Landlord, if your offer is accepted (subject to contract and references) you will need to complete reference forms and pay a holding deposit of one weeks rent in order to reserve the property. The Holding deposit will form part of your full deposit. See below regarding the amount of deposit required. You will not be charged any tenancy, referencing or set up fees as per the Tenancy Fee Act 2019.


We will require every applicant over the age of 18 to complete a reference form, and provide photographic identification and proof of address. We will then obtain references from the information you provide on the form and inform the Landlord who will make the final decision. Please note that the annual rent must not exceed 40% of your joint salary. All tenants will be checked under the Governments right to rent policy.


The equivalent of 5 weeks rental is usually required as deposit (this amount may vary depending on the property you wish to rent but not more than 5 weeks, so please ask for further details), before the start of the tenancy, payable to Capital in cleared funds (bankers draft or building society cheque). The deposit will normally be held by us as stakeholders and insured under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, of which we are members, but please check the Tenancy Agreement before signing the same.

Tenancy agreement

A tenancy agreement will be drawn up. All tenants named on the tenancy agreement must sign the necessary documentation before commencement of the tenancy and keys will not be released until this is the case.


Paid in advance, normally monthly by Standing Order from your bank account. If you are paying by cheque rent must be paid four days prior to your rent due date to ensure funds reach us/your Landlords account on the rent due date.